Who is Poet?

Mental Health is truly one of the scariest battles that one can encounter. Overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, alienation and defeat are all too common. Nightmares represents the darker side of our own personal fights. It’s for those moments in which one can’t simply “cheer up” or “move on.” Sometimes the only way to conquer the darkness is to walk in it. To live with it. Finally when the time is right, overcome it. Many of us are still in that stage and there’s no shame in that. We liken ourselves to the Plague Doctor, or as we like to call it "Poet".

Our logo, Poet, represents those who wade into the terror. They walk into the darkness and try to bring light out of it. They find the will to push forward. You don’t concede but you live with your nightmares and you wake up to fight again tomorrow.

Often enough we are surrounded by toxic positivity. Although we believe things may find a way to work themselves out it doesn't help when everyone around you constantly inundates you with blanket statements about positivity. We are also surrounded by people brushing off our problems to "mood swings", "teenage angst", "attention seeking".

Nightmares was created with a middle finger to these people in mind. Positivity is not always possible especially when we are at our bottom. Sometimes you just have to let us be consumed in our darkness to find the light.